Violation Notices

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Recycling cart with violation notice attachedThere was a note on my cart, and all or some of my garbage/recyclables were left behind. What does this mean?

Your note will have a check mark or an X next to one of the following categories: 

Collection Point 

Improper positioning of containers Usually means that your cart was not positioned within reach of the mechanical arm on the collection vehicle and the lid(s) facing the correct direction, or there was something obstructing the automated process. It could also mean that you did not allow at least 3 feet of unobstructed space between your carts, which is necessary for automated loading.

Items placed out not approved for collection – One or more items you placed out for collection was either too bulky to load onto the truck, or was an item or material that cannot be disposed of at the transfer station according to regulations. Examples are large furniture, appliances, hazardous materials or bags of leaves or grass clippings.

Use of unapproved containers – We cannot pick up garbage or recycling that is in containers other than the City-provided containers. The automated collection system does not work with other types of trash cans, barrels, buckets, baskets or crates. Place excess trash or recyclables in plastic bags and set them on the ground at the collection point ensuring at least 3 feet of clearance around the carts. We can accept extra bags only if it is on an infrequent basis.

No container used – If you are a current customer, you should use the city-provided containers. Trash or recyclables that are set out loosely or in piles, or even bagged is more likely to become a bigger nuisance for you and your neighbors.

Collection point littered The collector noticed that excess litter has accumulated around the area where he normally empties your containers. There is no requirement for your sanitation service provider to keep the collection point clean. That is the responsibility of the resident.

Frequent excess trash/recyclables outside container – Our system is designed for automated collection of your trash and recyclables. The collector has noticed that you frequently set out more than will fit into the cart with the lid closed. He is not required to pick up the extra bags on a regular or frequent basis. We strongly encourage you to call us and order another cart or the excess bags will not be collected. There is an additional fee for the extra cart.

Containers not returned to normal storage location within 24 hours after collection – After collection, trash and recycling carts must be taken from the curb to a storage location behind the front line of your house. This can be in the back yard, garage, or side of your house. You may put your carts out for collection anytime after 5:00 pm the evening before your collection day. 

Trash Cart

Materials in container not approved for landfill – We cannot pick up household hazardous waste, lawn & garden waste like leaves and grass clippings or construction/remodeling debris with your regular household trash, and collectors will not sort it. Your cart probably contained a substantial amount of one or more of these kinds of material. Call us if you need more information on discarding materials not approved for disposal at the Harvey County Transfer Station.

Contents not bagged – City ordinance requires that all residents bag their trash before placing into the trash cart. The purpose is to control the spread of unsightly litter in the neighborhood.

Recycling Cart

Items not clean – All items must be clean in order to be recycled. Remove food residue from food and beverage containers. Soiled paper and cardboard should not be recycled.

Items in bin that cannot be recycled – Recyclables must not be bagged. Most clean paper and cardboard is recyclable, but shredded paper, waxed containers, pizza boxes (because of grease), tissues, napkins, plates & cups, coffee filters and similar materials are not recyclable in our community. Only #1 through #7 plastic containers from food & beverage, soap & lotion, and household cleaners can be recycled. Do not include items like motor oil bottles, insecticide containers, plastic toys, plastic grocery bags, and aerosol cans. Never put regular household trash into your recycle cart. Collectors are not required to sort non-recyclable items out of your cart. Call us if you need help in understanding what is and is not recyclable, and we can help you over the phone or send someone out to assist you.