Free Landfill Coupons

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Want to haul it yourself?
We’ll pay the disposal fee!

Use a Free Landfill coupon when you haul your load to the Harvey County Transfer Station, and the City of Newton will pay the fee.

Coupons are available at the Water Billing Office at City Hall. Coupons may be used anytime throughout the year and will expire on December 31 if not used. There is a limit of two coupons per household per calendar year.

Waste must be carried in passenger cars, pickup trucks with ¾-ton rating or less, or trailers less than 10 feet in length. A truck and trailer combination counts as two loads.

Present your coupon upon entering the transfer station. All rules and regulations established by the Harvey County Transfer Station must be observed.

Bulky waste disposal services are restricted to residential use within the Newton city limits. You must be an active City sanitation customer, you must have the account in your name, and you must be the owner or occupant of the property.

Some waste may be unsuitable for disposal with these services. Check the type of service you intend to use for a more detailed listing. Unauthorized materials that are collected undetected will be returned to the property.

Waste materials generated from work performed by a contractor will not be collected. The contractor is responsible to arrange for appropriate private disposal.

Participation may be declined if the resident is delinquent on a utility bill.