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 Marcy Lagree

The Records Unit consists of two full-time Records Clerks: Kristie Stubby and Lisa Snow. They provide a key component of the Police Department in handling all reports generated through the department, as well as assisting each division within the department.

Relevant information recorded by officers about each crime and arrest is reported by the Records Unit to the Kansas Bureau of Investigations. This information is then used to compile statewide statistics for citizens of the State of Kansas.

The Records Unit is also responsible for the dissemination of information to persons authorized to receive the information. This would include Municipal and District Courts, Adult Probation and Parole, SRS, County Attorney, City Prosecutor and other outside law enforcement agencies, as well as citizen and insurance company requests.

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The two Records Clerks and five Crossing Guards are supervised by Marcy Lagree, Office Manager. 

The hours of operation for the public are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Records Unit is closed on weekends and holidays. Citizens may contact the Records Unit by calling 316-284-6030.