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LIDAR on Main Street

LIDAR speed enforcement
on Main Street

Patrol officers are first line of contact between the Police Department and the public. The Patrol Unit operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide law enforcement services throughout the City of Newton. Patrol officers respond to a variety of calls, such as batteries, alarms and thefts.

Patrol officers' duties include investigating reports of criminal activity, completing police reports and making arrests as necessary. Other activities including responding to traffic accidents, enforcing traffic laws and issuing citations, and maintaining a visible presence to deter criminal activities.


The Newton Police Department Patrol Unit is divided into four shifts. Each shift works 12 hours and has rotating days off. Approximately every three months, the shifts will switch from days to nights and vice versa. When fully staffed, each shift has a sergeant, a corporal and three patrol officers.


The Newton Police Department uses a three-beat system for patrol officers. The beat system is designed to reduce response times for calls and, when possible, keep officers on both sides of the railroad tracks. Beat 1 consist of the northeast and east sections of Newton. Beat 2 consists of the northwest and west sections of Newton. Beat 3 consists of the south section of Newton.


The Newton Police Department uses marked Chevrolet Tahoe Police Package Vehicles. The K-9 Unit uses a marked, K-9 modified Chevrolet Tahoe Police Package Vehicles.