Animal Control

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The Newton Police Department Animal Control Officer generally works Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For after hours calls that require a response, such as aggressive animals or barking dogs, contact 911 and a patrol officer will be dispatched.

Lost Your Dog or Cat?

Caring Hands Humane Society has a list of stray animals that have been turned into the shelter. If your animal is on the list, you must contact Caring Hands Humane Society during their business hours to arrange pickup, to pay any fines, boarding and other fees. If your animal is not on the list, contact Caring Hands to give them your information and your animal's description to assist them in trying to reunite you and your animal. Check Caring Hands' website for additional information.

Animal Shelter

The City of Newton contracts shelter service through Caring Hands Humane Society, 1400 SE 3rd.

Animal Ordinances for the City of Newton:

  • Dogs and cats must be on a leash (or other approved tether) when not contained in a securely fenced yard.
  • A maximum of three dogs are allowed per residence. A maximum of three cats are allowed, but only two of the cats may be unspayed females.
  • Animals that are kept outside must have adequate shelter, another source of shade (trees, tarps, etc.), food and water.
  • Dogs and cats may be picketed (kept on a tether) but must follow these rules:
    • The tether (any leash, rope, chain or apparatus by which an animal is picketed) must be at least 10 feet in length, but not be a length that will allow the animal to leave the boundaries of the owner's property or allow the animal to access/impede the sidewalk.
    • Excluding the object to which an animal is picketed, the total weight of the tether and any collar, harness or other parts or attachments shall not exceed an amount that is one-eighth (1/8) the weight of the animal being picketed.
    • A tether must be attached to an animal only by means of a collar, harness or other similar device designed for such a purpose and made from a material that prevents injury to the animal.
    • No animal shall be tethered by means of a choke chain.
    • The area in which an animal is picketed and the manner in which the animal is picketed shall be such that it is free from objects that could lead to the entanglement of the tether or to the strangulation of the animal.
  • Dogs and cats must maintain current vaccinations and be licensed.  More licensing information is available on the Animal Licensing Information page.
  • Chickens, but not roosters, are allowed within the city limits only after a domestic animal permit has been issued to you by the Animal Control Officer.

Cold/Bad Weather Care for Outdoor Animals

  • Dogs and cats kept outside during the winter must have a waterproof, weather-tight shelter.
  • Any cracks in the shelter must be boarded up or filled with caulk to keep the wind from blowing through the shelter.
  • The shelter needs a solid floor to keep the animals off the frozen ground.
  • Straw is recommended as bedding material because it acts as insulation. Straw allows dogs and cats to make a nest, which allows the straw to help hold in the animal's body heat. Blankets are not recommended because animals lay on top of the blanket, which does not help hold in the animal's body heat.
  • Animals require more food during the winter due to the amount of energy spent trying to keep warm and to keep their fur thick and healthy.
  • Animals need water that is free of ice to help prevent dehydration.

 Wildlife Complaints

  • The Newton Police Department Animal Control does not usually deal with wildlife unless it is causing property damage and/or an immediate danger to life.
  • For wild animal complaints, contact the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Wichita Regional Office at 316-683-8069.

 Skunk Deodorizer

On occasion, people and pets get sprayed by skunks. Here is a recipe for skunk deodorizer:

  • 1 quart of 3% peroxide
  • 1/4 cup of baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon of Dawn dish-washing liquid

Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray everything that smells. Let it set for a few minutes to give the Dawn a chance to break down the oils; then rinse with water. Repeat if it still smells. Be careful not to get the spray into the eyes of animals or people.