Towed Vehicles

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Abandoned Vehicles

City ordinances and state statutes allow officers to tow unattended vehicles deemed to interfere with roadway movement or appear to be damaged/disabled on the roadway, road shoulder or public right-of-way. If the vehicle is not an immediate safety concern, the officer will place an Unattended Vehicle Courtesy Check "Red Tag" on the vehicle to inform the owner they have 48 hours to move the vehicle or it may be towed. Vehicles, that are not moved within the 48-hour time frame, may be towed. The towing and storage charges will be at the expense of the vehicle owner. Vehicles that are an immediate hazard are towed by the next company on the tow rotation.

Vehicles Towed Due to a Criminal Act or Traffic Infraction

City ordinances and State statutes allow officers to tow vehicles that are used in the commission or attempted commission of a crime and/or certain traffic infractions, such as expired registration. Vehicles towed for the above reasons must have a Newton Police Department Vehicle Release prior to the vehicle being released by the tow service that towed it. To get a Vehicle Release, the registered owner must bring to the Newton Police Department a valid driver's license, proof of current insurance, and proof of current registration. Vehicles are only released to the registered owner. If the registered owner cannot be present to obtain the release, a notarized statement signed by the registered owner will be acceptable, along with the additional paperwork mentioned above. The statement must state who has permission to take control of the vehicle. You must come to the Newton Police Department to get a tow release.

Vehicles Towed Due to a Traffic Accident

Vehicles that are towed due to a traffic accident generally do not require a tow release, unless a crime and/or certain traffic infractions have been committed. Vehicles involved in a traffic accident are not required to use the contracted tow services, and the driver/owner may ask the officer to try to contact any tow service that can respond in a reasonable amount of time.

Seized Vehicles

For information about vehicles seized for possible forfeiture, you have to contact the Newton Police Department in person during business hours.

Tow Services

A list of tow services contracted by the City of Newton/Harvey County Emergency Communications to provide prompt tow services as needed:

Auto House Towing 316-283-4548
KAR 361-232-9947