Special Traffic Enforcement Program

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The Newton Police Department participates in the Kansas Department of Transportation's Special Traffic Enforcement Programs (STEP) throughout the year. STEP was created to increase awareness, traffic safety and to reduce fatal accidents. In 2009, Kansas had 379 fatal accidents, including five fatal accidents in Harvey County. Of those fatal accidents, two involved safety belts not being used and one involved a motorcycle safety helmet not being used.

The Kansas Department of Transportation's website states, "STEP awards grants to participating Kansas law enforcement agencies to increase education and enforcement efforts directed at compliance with Kansas safety belt, child passenger safety, and impaired driving laws. Enforcement is accomplished through funding of four annual overtime-only campaigns – also called mobilizations and enforcements – consisting mostly of saturation patrols and optional checkpoints." STEP includes the Click it. Or ticket. and the DRUNK DRIVING - OVER THE LIMIT. UNDER ARREST. programs.

Click It or Ticket Drunk Driving Over the Limit Under Arrest

Each of the STEP Campaigns have a principal enforcement focus, such as seat belt enforcement or driving under the influence enforcement. Officers working the program are not limited to the principal enforcement focus and will still enforce all other criminal and traffic laws.

For additional information about STEP, "Click it. Or Ticket." and the "Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest." programs, see the Kansas Department of Transportation Traffic Safety.

If you have questions about seat belt laws, see the Seat Belt / Child Seat Safety page.  If you want to report recurring traffic complaints in your neighborhood, fill out the online traffic complaint form.