Neighborhood Watch

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Neighborhood Watch is an organized group of civilians dedicated to fighting crime within their own neighborhood. This program is aimed at educating residents on security and safety. It also provides help with achieving a safe and secure neighborhood, while encouraging a good working relationship between citizens within the community and the Newton Police Department.

Benefits of starting and/or joining a watch in your neighborhood:

  • Knowing and connecting with neighbors in your area.
  • Partnering with local police.
  • Extra eyes and ears in the area for reporting crime and helping neighbors.
  • Fights the isolation that crime creates and feeds upon.
  • Provides one of the most effective and least costly ways of stopping or reducing crime and preventing fear.

If you, or someone you know is interested in starting the program within your own neighborhood, please contact Officer Amanda Roy or Officer Brian Salmans.



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Officer Amanda Roy


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Officer Brian Salmans