Administration Division

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Dunlavy DC 2015 - Copy

2010 Dept Patch

Craig Dunlavy
Chief of Police


Administration staff of the Newton Police Department are committed to maintaining public trust within the growing community. We work together with departmental personnel and citizens, using diverse skills and abilities, providing leadership within the department and community.

Staff continually strives to enhance the safety and security of all who reside within Newton by providing a high quality of service, embracing dedication and passion while serving our citizens to protect the lives and property of all. The department prides itself on setting a mark of excellence in everything we do.

The Newton Police Department is operated with an open door policy. Department leaders are available to listen to concerns of the community when necessary.

Lt. Mike Yoder

Lt Scott Powell

Lt. Jason Thompson

Marcy Lagree

 Mike Yoder
Lt. of Support Services
Scott Powell
Lt. of Investigations
Jason Thompson
Lt. of Operations
Marcy Lagree
Office Manager