Municipal Court Internship Program

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The Newton Municipal Court internship program allows college students the opportunity to gain direct experience in the criminal justice system. While in the program, interns have the opportunity to gain an insight into the socio-economic factors surrounding misdemeanor crime. This program was started in 2002 and has received very favorable evaluations from all of its participants.

Interns work primarily in the Court office with ample opportunity to participate in the activities of the courtroom, the Probation/Diversion Office, and the Prosecutor’s Office. They report directly to the Court Administrator and work closely with that office. The diversity of this program allows interns to develop a broad understanding of the Newton Municipal Court system.


Interns are given responsibilities designed to provide learning opportunities, build resumes, and assist the court staff with their duties. These responsibilities include:

  • Handle a wide range of incoming calls and in-person requests from attorneys, defendants and other courts. This involves assessing the requests of defendants and attorneys and granting or denying them according to Court policy.
  • Direct defendants on Court days. This requires explaining the Court process to defendants and explaining the options available with the charges that are being filed.
  • Prepare Court Journals.
  • Receive and process probation/diversion report forms.
  • Assist with docket preparation.
  • Perform record checks.
  • File case documents.
  • Assist with special projects.
  • Assist the clerk and the Judge with courtroom needs when Court is in session.
  • Receive payment from defendants.
  • Assist with the implementation of new technologies as they become available.
College Credit/Pay

Interns have the opportunity to earn college credit upon approval of their college advisor/registrar’s office. The internship is set up as a non-paid position; however, there is a possibility of moving into a paid internship after one semester of service.


The program generally accommodates flexible schedules, but does require a greater commitment on Thursdays, the day when Court is in session.


Qualifying interns must be honest college students able to learn quickly and communicate effectively. The ability to work well with the public, including difficult-to-handle individuals, is a must. Interns must be dependable, completing their work efficiently and without errors. Interns are expected to be able to conduct themselves professionally, which includes maintaining a professional appearance and demonstrating an understanding of professional protocol. Computer skills needed.

Contact Info

For more information, please contact:
Greg Nickel - Newton Municipal Court Administrator / Court Clerk
201 East 6th
Newton, KS 67114
(316) 284-6053
(316) 284-6102 - FAX

Additional Internship Opportunity

The Newton City Attorney’s Office is in the process of developing an internship program. The City Attorney is responsible for the City’s legal maters, is involved with City development projects and works closely with the City Commission. Students interested in this new internship should contact Amy Tongish at (316) 284-6018.