Overview of Municipal Court

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Newton Municipal Court handles the full range of cases within municipal court jurisdiction, including:

  • Drug and alcohol violations
  • Worthless check offenses
  • DUIs
  • Routine local traffic citations
  • Animal control violations
  • Parking violations
  • Nuisance and other property violations
  • Local ordinance offenses (fireworks, noise and curfew violations, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous misdemeanor offenses (assault, battery, trespassing, theft, etc.)

Newton Municipal Court currently consists of four full-time positions:

  • Court Clerk/Administrator
  • Deputy Court Clerk
  • Municipal Court Prosecutor's Clerk assisting the City Prosecutor
  • Probation/Diversion Officer

The Newton Municipal Court Internship Program allows college students the opportunity to gain direct experience in the criminal justice system.

In addition the Court is served by a Municipal Judge and a City Prosecutor who are attorneys who provide those services on a part-time contract basis with the City.

In 2001 an overall reorganization effort was undertaken with a strong emphasis on the Court and Court staff operating more efficiently, more effectively and in a more coordinated fashion. Numerous procedures have been streamlined and made more uniform throughout the Court. Job responsibilities have been reorganized and reassigned. To date these initiatives have allowed the elimination of one staff position and the reduction of staff overtime even in the face of increases in the Court caseload. New monitoring procedures have been implemented to better track the progression of cases and to better track Court performance.

These reorganization efforts are ongoing. Current challenges include achieving even better utilization of existing computer systems and the implementation of additional computer functions that will further streamline Court processes. The Court tracks its cases with Incode’s municipal court database application and is in the process of integrating a document imaging system.

Newton Municipal Court has already been recognized for its innovation and performance. An objective has been established for our Court to become a model municipal court in the State of Kansas.