Clear a Warrant

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We cannot make promises not to arrest a person with an outstanding warrant.

How to avoid arrest: If you suspect that you have a warrant for your arrest, there are options available to resolve the problem. Warrants for minor traffic infractions and certain other cases can often be canceled upon payment in full. Other cases require an appearance before the Judge – warrants on these cases can be resolved by a voluntary appearance when court is in session. By appearing voluntarily, people are able to avoid being arrested at an inconvenient and embarrassing time. Commonly, appearing voluntarily allows people to avoid spending nights in jail, avoid the need to post bond, and allows for same-day resolution and release from the jail.

Each case has its own unique circumstances and warrants are handled according to the Judge’s discretion. No generic assurances can be given, and we cannot make general promises not to arrest anyone with an outstanding warrants.

To find out if you have an outstanding warrant, or to ask about resolving your individual warrant, please contact the Court.