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Newton Fire/EMS prides itself on providing professional fire protection and emergency medical services to the community. In addition, the department provides several specialized services for incidents requiring advanced training. The department also maintains memberships in statewide professional organizations and assists other departments in major incidents that require extra support.
Annual Department Statistical Summaries


Administrative Summary 2015

                    Administrative Summary 2014                    Administrative Summary 2013                   

                    Administrative Summary 2012                    Administrative Summary 2011                  

                    Administrative Summary 2010                    Administrative Summary 2009                   

                    Administrative Summary 2008                    Administrative Summary 2007

                    Administrative Summary 2006                    Administrative Summary 2005

                    Administrative Summary 2004                    Administrative Summary 2003

                    Administrative Summary 2002                    Administrative Summary 2001

                    Administrative Summary 2000                    Administrative Summary 1999

                    Administrative Summary 1998                    Administrative Summary 1997

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