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  • Q:Where can I get a CPR or First Aid class?

  • Q:Can I get a copy of an EMS report?

  • Q:There was a fire at my house. Is it possible to get a copy of the fire report?

  • Q:I have a fire extinguisher in my home. How often should it be inspected and serviced?

  • Q:We have a lot of tree limbs on the ground from a recent storm; is there any way we can burn them?

  • Q:I’d like to bring my child to the fire station for a tour. Whom do I call?

  • Q:I was told I need bigger house numbers. Are there any requirements or recommendations?

  • Q:I have a home day care. What do I need to know about fire safety requirements?

  • Q:How do I make sure Newton paramedics have access to my health information even if I’m not able to speak for myself in an emergency?

  • Q:How do I schedule a fire extinguisher education program for my business?